Thursday, March 24, 2011

Medicinal Plants and their Uses (Siddha Medicinal Plants)

Medicinal Plants and their Uses (Siddha Medicinal Plants)

Story behind the Screen....How I started my Work

I am Dr Amritjude, working in Varkala with my spouse Dr Divya Amritjude in my self established clinic "Agasthiyar Guru Siddha Marma Chikitslayam".
Since my college life, I used to maintain a website but didn'nt get enough time for blogging due to my studies. During the completion of my course, I wished to do something beneficial for Siddha System and upcoming Siddha buds. In the third year, while studying Materia Medica, a common problem each student faced was to recognise a plant completely. At last, I decided to capture videos of the plants and provide Medicinal importance of them through a blog now available as Siddha Herbarium. In the beginning, I took a group of friends for assistance in capturing Video so that the project becomes beneficial for them too. But after getting started, I felt like the work is going slow and it is not given much importance. Finally I decided that I would make this dream come true, so as soon as I finished my course, I started a you tube channel of Medicinal plants. At the beginning, I had to face a lot of difficulties like going to far off places and capturing videos with limited source. With my clinical income, I bought a tripod and a high definition camera for this. Then my work began in a smooth manner. Though tough to do but during the upload of each plant I felt a great satisfaction within myself. Today almost 1 year completed after hosting and my channel has 84 videos, nearly 600 subscribers and 1000 friends from all over the world with nearly 30,000 views. Their appreciation and comments have really proved much to me. I utilised my website to provide the informations of each medicinal plant I uploaded in my youtube channel. Apart from my clinical life, I use to spent about 1hr daily for my site and channel. My wife is also helping me in this work. Any way this blog, Siddha Herbarium is the first step to my new beginning. is now almost a complete database of different diseases, remedies, Siddha fundamentals, Siddha history and medicinal herbs with their importance. It also contains pages of details of a book in Varmam or Marmam( Malayalam) written by traditional practitioner, Sri P. Cristil Asan, who is my Guru in this field. The details of my clinic and free Online Medical Advices and Reservation for treatments are also available. People from all over the world are writing to us. We really feel proud when letters of appreciation is received for not using this site for revenue making but for sharing knowledge with all. is a blessing of Agasthiyar Guru for me which has given me a turning point in my clinical life in such a young age. This is indeed the World's first Virtual Siddha Herbal Garden.
This website is techically supported by Zetta technologies and so I extend my sincere thanks to Team Zetta. Next, I thank my subscribers and friends of youtube channel who regularly visit the website to get the new informations . Love and Thanks to My parents for giving me motivations for every step of my life, My wife who is a part of my project always. Last but not the least, I thank Almighty who gave me this life and guide me always... Miles more to go through the divine light of blessings of Siddhars and Mother Nature.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Siddha herbs "Vallarai" (Centella asiatica)

Vallarai means
"Showering knowledge" or "Store house of Knowledge"
Botanical name: Centella asiatica
Family: Umbelliferae; Apiaceae
Siddha uses of Vallarai
1. The leaves ground with milk and taken in the dose of nellikkai for several months acts as a very good kaya karpa drug.
2.Vallarai mathirai is very beneficial for all types of fevers.
3.Vallarai leaves, milagu ( pepper) and Thulasi leaves ( Oscimum sanctum) are taken in equal quantity and ground till waxy consistency, then rolled n form of pills and dried under shade.This can be given internally for all types of fevers.
4.Vallarai leaves can be ground with water and applied. This is useful for virai veekam, vayu veekam and thasai sitaivu.
5.Vallarai is very effective for ksayam(T.B),kasam(cough) and megham(venerial diseases)
6. To cure the dysentry accompanied with blood and mucus in children, 3 to 4 leaves of this plant along with jeerakam(cumin seeds) and sarkarai(jaggery) is ground well and given internally
7.Vallarai nei and vallarai ennai are kown to be effective brain tonics.It is also useful in treating kana soodu and kana mantham ( disorders associated with tuberculosis)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Siddha herbs "Ponnankani keerai" (Alternanthara sessilis)

Ponnankani keerai
Ponnankani means
"To see your body shining like GOLD"
Botanical name : Alternanthera sessilis
Family: Amaranthaceae
Siddha uses of Ponnankani
1. It is included in the pothukarpangal or general Kayakalpam drug.
The leaves are dried properly in the sun and cooked with ghee pepper and salt. It is administered for one mandalam with restricted tamarind diet.
2. If this keerai or herb is taken regularly it cures almost all ailments especially diseases of eye, vayu, bodyheat, liver diseases. Regular intake will result in the body shining like GOLD.